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About Us


The premier choice for your entertainment

Our shows are always high energy, multi genre, interactive & aimed at all generations! Black Label Band do not simply hold a concert, they throw a massive party! We are a group of five friends, joined together by a common love & purpose. Our Mission: to make your party the most hip, most fun and most memorable event of the season.

We hail from the province of Rome and perform all over Italy and beyond. We are all professional musicians and music teachers, dedicating our lives to the art – songwriting , recording  and performance – and with extensive experience ,both nationally and internationally, working with recognized names.

We understand that the entertainment is an essential part of your event and we will bring the unbridled passion and drive required. We truly love what we do and it translates into creating a memorable & sensational event for you and all your guests. We can adapt to all types of venue, large and small, and manage every specific need.


Professional musicians


Professional Audio and Light service included


Eco-friendly: led lighting and digital amplification


Flexible to your needs


Entertainment suitable for all ages


DJ service always included


Jessie is the lead singer of Black Label Band. She discovered her love of singing when she was just five as big fan of musicals: she even knows all the Disney songs by heart!
Her powerful and soulful voice fits perfectly with the Black Label Band’s repertoire and her warm personality emits an engaging stage presence.
Jessie is currently a graduate student in jazz singing at the “Licinio Refice” Conservatory in Frosinone, Rome , one of the most important in Italy.


Vic is the creative Black Label Band lead guitarist.
He started to play guitar when he was just 14 listening to, and learning from, the all time greats.
Besides being a talented guitarist, Vic is also a talented composer of video game soundtracks.
He’s graduated in jazz guitar at St. Louis school in Rome, and is a grad student in jazz guitar at the renowned Licinio Refice Conservatory in Frosinone.


Francesco is a top class bass player who joined the Black Label Band, brining his great technical know-how on electric bass and double bass.
He’s a highly experienced musician, and is the oldest member of the band.
He studied electric bass, and is currently graduating in jazz bass and double bass at the famous Licinio Refice of Frosinone conservatory.
He has worked for Joyce E. Yuille, Nick The Nightfly, and the Italian singer Arisa.


Luigi, also know as “Lou Izzy” is a young italian pianist who started his musical career as a child prodigy, winning many awards.
Since he was 11 he has studied at the Licinio Refice Conservatory in Frosinone with Gilda ButtĂ  (pianist of Ennio Morricone).
His creative talent is expressed in his work as a composer and teacher at some private schools in central Italy, and as a independent singer and composer of Hip Hop songs.


Lorenzo is the ‘bambino’ of the band.
Growing up with sticks in his hands, he became passionate about punk and rock music. He’s a very talented musician who plays hard, creating explosive rhythms helping the other members of the band compose their harmonies.
He attends the “Licinio Refice” conservatory in Frosinone, and is a student of some of the best drummers in central Italy.

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